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Mold is your one stop source for a wide variety of  molds.

Concrete Jungle is back with more new molds!

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 Click here to see Used molds for sale from Creative Industries.

The selection includes molds for ornamental plaster and concrete. Concrete molds are sometimes referred to as cement molds. (It is true that cement is one component of the concrete mix. We prefer to call the molds concrete molds.) Whether you call them cement molds, concrete molds, or lawn and garden ornament molds, you'll find a great selection here.

Mold also offers mold making equipment, tools and materials.

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The Mold Companies Below all offer high quality molds and mold making accessories for sale online!

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Dan's Molds

Latex Molds for the beginning lawn ornament producer and plaster caster

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ken hoobler's artscape concrete molds Ken Hoobler's Artscape molds are personal artistic creations developed in their studios by Ken and Elone Hoobler. Angels and Gargoyles are big themes in their line. Their unique perspective has provided the industry with some original and beautiful lawn and garden ornament concrete molds. They also offer an excellent training video to help you start out in the lawn and garden ornament  business.

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Spray - Tech Inc.
Spray your way to success!
a leading manufacturer of spray equipment for molds and hollow castings.

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